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Dear Yenetaa,

It's a very blessed idea to serve our community. I am ready to help you in ways I can, please feel free to contact me anytime. I will inbox my contact via Get in touch!

Keep it up with the Great Job!

Best Wishes,


Zelalem , A Student

Hello Guys,

What an awesome start, it is my first experience to see a cyber based educational network among Ethiopians. We have a very long history but we still are a third world. Such initiatives will definitely help us march forward. Ethiopia shall rise...One Love!

I have some books, let me know your contact info and I ll share you via dropbox or google drive


Yohannes Meleake

Yohannes Meleake, PhD Student, Germany

Hi Brothers,

I am a mother of two girls, 3 and 6 yrs, I had always though where I can get amharic songs and easy alphabets for them so that they will learn amharic language easily since they spend their days in school. Their father doesn't speak amharic so we use English at home but the play list you have will be useful.

Please add more resources,

Hellen Nigatu,

Hellen Nigatu, A Mother