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What We Do

What We Do


  • Orgnize events to raise donations through sponsorships & membership or ticket sales.
  • Participate in social events to collect funds, sell products & premium memberships.
  • Search and contat potential donors on education and health in Ethiopia & abroad.


  • Monetary and material support for students from low-income families.
  • Competitive student scholarships for best acheivement in academics & extra activities.
  • Educational resource support for schools and universities: books and equipments.


  • Provide educational, scholarship, and job information as well as support.
  • Organize courses, trainings, voluntary activities, and workshops in Ethiopia.
  • Networking the brilliant back home and in the diaspora to share ideas and resources.

Educational Support


STUDENTS: we provide educational support for students from low-income families: stationaries, books, clothing, and school fees. In addition, we encourage outstanding students in academic and extra-curricular activities, female students those with disabilities through scholarships and special support schemes. We also provide scholarship and job information as well as career development support thorugh our website.


SCHOOLS AND UNIVERSITIES: we organize advanced courses, trainings, workshops, and conferences in collaboration with donor organizations, local offices, and universities. In such events, we do our best to bring together the outstanding experts in Ethiopia and the diaspora to build a strong future generation and academic networking.


SOCIETY: we provide the society with basic edcational, cultural, historical, business and recreational information through our rich website and huge directory. We also organize voluntary community services in education and health as well as social events in colaboration with schools, local offices, and the society.


INTELLECTUALS: we build a platform for intellectulas in Ethiopia and abroad to provide service to their indiginious community through participation in giving advanced courses, trainings, workshops and community services; collaborating and sharing research ideas thereby strengthening the human and material resource in the local institutions.

Flexible Volunteer Opportunities


There are so many ways that you can participate. You can volunteer to help students in the weekend or summer program, involve in training teachers, professionals, and employees from local organizations. You can come up with your own innovative ideas and we can enrich it, make it stronger and useful for the community. You can volunteer to write specific article for Yenetaa such as biography of renowned Ethiopians who have contributed to their society and so on.

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Want to help or have questions? +31 6 21 16 6784 7 days a week from 8:00 am to 5:00pm

Many Ways to Help

global strategies that work

We are involved in several activities that have been shown to work in different areas such as Israel, China, different European countries, United States,  the Middle East, and some African countries.

relief & support

Providing educational, material, and monetary relief for the community in need.

Supporting educational and other institutions in the country through strengthening their human and material resources.

Supporting students and professionals in their education and career development through providing information and direct trainings.